童話故事似乎往往有點「離地」,離現實很遠。 十大青少年藝術家之一的奈樂樂 Nalok.Lok,了解現實的無奈和唏噓,將童話元素結合對現實的感嘆繪製出一本本直撼人心的繪本及畫作。希望道出現實的殘酷,以及引導大家思考應該如何面對現實的殘酷。


HK Recycles has launched a new recycling concept named ‘RECYCLEBOX’ starting in September 2015. In this project, we will help it to expand their market, services, and increase the waste-recycle rate for Hong Kong.


We provide photo editing, copy writing and Facebook social marketing strategy. We help to provide branding direction for our clients and analyze its target audience; make the ads promote more efficiently by setting what time we should launch the ads and make sure they are pinpointing to client's target customers. Also, we establish a social media presence and initiating a two-way flow of communication between the Client and the public in office hours as well.