Jam Music Together Online!

Staying at Home and Perform Together Online

We have the latest technology to allow musicians everywhere to jam music while staying at home and perform online!

  • Assist with practice and testing before the show start
  • Musicians and singers can play music while staying at home
  • We have a sound man to tune/adjust the delay when the music played in real time.
  • The original files of all videos can be sent back to customers through the network disk
  • Please contact us for details

*Client should provide their platform account

Participants need to know

  • Participants’ venues need to have a wired broadband network.
  • Requires a computer (either Windows or Mac) to install specific software
  • Musicians/singers need to have an Audio Interface card to connect the sound of the microphone/instrument to the computer
  • Cannot use the speakers of the computer, you need to use headphones to monitor the sound
  • The sound may be bad due to network problems.

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