Onsite/Online Virtual Character Host
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Cartoon Character plus Real Time Interaction

We have the latest technology to design any cartoon character host and make it interact with audiences on live show:

  • The character will react like a real person because there is a person who operating behind the scenes
  • We design appropriate characters for the client as required, or use the client’s own mascot.
  • We create character skeleton, animation and expressions
  • Production fee which related to the character will only be charged once, and the client can also have the original character files; if the character needs to be modified in the future, fee will be charged again.
  • We will conduct a live broadcast (any platform*) and network test before the event
  • All filmed HD video files can be sent back to customer
  • Cost of character production and live streaming: HKD $16,000 up

*Client should provide their platform account


Q1. How long does it take to prepare?

It takes about a month to prepare for the first time starting from the character design to final testing; and after that, only 3 hours is needed for any next show (it is recommended to reserve time for rehearsal as well).

Q2. Are there any requirements for the venue?

The event venue needs to have a screen that everyone can see; A sound system is required to connect the vocal of the virtual character; In addition, a small room or a relatively soundproof space is required to operate the virtual character.

Q3. Can live events be streamed online simultaneously?

Yes, we can provide various live streaming services for the live event.

Q4. How long does it take to setup before the event?

3 hours (it is recommended to reserve time for rehearsal as well).

*For reference only

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