Professional Live Streaming Service
Broadcast High Quality Video

The presentation of your content is more important than the content itself

Why do you need high quality live broadcast?

Live broadcast now is very common in public, but what you can do with a mobile phone is very limited. We can help you to launch a well-made live broadcast of web seminars, large conferences, various ceremonies, and music programs. The presentation of your content is more important than the content itself, launching high quality live broadcast allows participants to have a good audio-visual experience which enhance your corporate image.

Basic live broadcast plan

In our basic live broadcast plan, we provide:

  • Cameraman and 1 HD professional camcorder
  • Conduct a live broadcast (in required platforms*) and network testing before the event
  • Professional light setting
  • Professional sound recording system to ensure excellent sound quality
  • All filmed HD video files can be sent back to customer
  • Basic cost: HKD $8,000 Up

*Client should provide their account

Case Study

Under the pressure of COVID-19, we successfully provided the live streaming service for the award ceremony – 2020 Shop! International Retail Marketing Advertising Display Contest which held in Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Dubai which happen in the same time on November 13 2020.

For more details, please check out Shop! press release.
为所有人骄傲!2020 Shop! 大奖赛颁奖典礼礼成!

New Tech!

Live + Virtual Character Host

Make Your Launch Interesting!

To launch a live broadcast using your own cute cartoon character host?
Check out HERE for details.

*Demo is for reference only

Advanced Event and Conference Live Streaming

To launch a live broadcast for big event and conference; or want to link up the events in different countries which happen in the same time.
Feel free to contact us for further enquiry.


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